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Hair Cut

When we look at the latest hair trends, we see curtain bangle models. Let’s admit that curtain bangs add a cooler and charismatic look to the hair.


Curtain is a fringe model that is used by separating the bangs from the middle and cut like a curtain on both sides of the forehead area. Curtain bangs-curtain bangs got this name because it hides the forehead area like a curtain. Curtain bangs, unlike classical bangs, lengthen to the sides and get shorter in the middle of the forehead. Short and long hair curtain bangs can be made.


The best part of the curtain bangs is that it suits every face shape! Round face shapes that cannot use bangs can also easily use curtain bangs. Curtain bangs, which suit every face shape, make the face look more proportional and balanced. You can adjust the curtain bangs according to your face shape. If you wish, you can keep the bangs on the side of your face longer and shorter. Curtain bangs can be cut into curly, wavy and straight hair.